2018 Events

We conduct meetups events on every month

March 2018

Join us as we discuss the best practices
and the latest trends in the Android developer community.

April 2018

We are hosting 2018's first iOS Meetup and we are experimenting to encourage first-time speakers to come and talk about the things they find interesting.

May 2018
Google IO 2018 Extended Chennai

I/O 2018 Extended Chennai events include a variety of options for developers- from live streaming sessions to local demos, hackathons and more.

June 2018

We are organizing meetup for Rubyists in Chennai to meet, socialize and grow together and share their love for Ruby.

July 2018

We can discuss JavaScript tips, tricks and hacks with some of the best scripters around. Show off cool stuff you've done and learn about what else is going on in the JS community.

August 2018

Join us for highly inspiring talks by remarkable experts from various walks of UI/UX industry, discussion on new trends, design strategies, some fun and knowledgeable design insights.

September 2018

Showcasing the latest bot innovations, how platforms are responding to the AI challenge, and how we can all keep our businesses, projects and clients at the cutting edge of marketing and technology

October 2018

Are you creative and keen to push boundaries of what can be built? Come Join us for the November Hackathon.

November 2018
Mobile AR Apps

Intro to building AR apps for Android/ARCore and iOS/ARKit.

December 2018
Testing - Selenium/Headless

Meetup for anyone interested in test automation of any tool of the nature like selenium, jmeter, appium, UFT, Loadrunner, cucumber, jbehave etc.