Tired of other photo apps and want to explore something fresh, exclusive to your iOS device? The FlipFoto application is just for you! FlipFoto helps you upload and share photos with friends and have discussions around the shared photographs, with the privacy setting of your choice. You can explore the various edit and sharing options available too. We assure you it will be really fast, regardless of the number of photos you upload!

Key Challenges

  • Migration from legacy app and old technologies to a fresh app using latest technology and best practices ensuring robust design.
  • Understand existing business and entity relationships and ensure that no features were missed during the app rebuild.
  • Use Carrier Wave to compress and store different versions of the same photo in order to provide solid user experience.
  • Ensure that users could upload hundreds of images every day easily without delays, hangs or crashes.
  • Caching of images and efficient memory handling to ensure fast rendering.
  • Tools used : The usual stuff - Trello, Github, Flurry, Fabric.
  • Technology : Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Sidekiq, Redis, Swift, ElasticSearch, S3.