lets you explore engaging lists on everything from passionate opinions to travel recommendations. Share your own experiences, opinions, musings, and knowledge in a positive, vibrant, fun community.

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Key Challenges

  • BJ Novak is the founder (holy yes!) and folks like Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham were going to be our beta testers. So, the beta builds had to be super classy and extremely stable.
  • BJ Novak and Devin demand nothing short of a highly polished and pixel perfect app with upwards of 99% crashfree users.
  • Allow users to compose lists even when they’re offline. Make the entire offline /online sync of user’s data extremely seamless.
  • We knew the app would get hundreds of thousands of downloads on launch day. So we had to make sure we could scale from day 1 and not crash.
  • Tools used : The usual stuff - Trello, Github, Mixpanel, Fabric, GoogleAnalytics, NewRelic, Airbrake
  • Technology : Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, ElasticSearch