What we do


Whether you’ve got mocks and a scope or are still at the early stages of identifying your MVP, we’ll help you identify and prioritize your roadmap.


We iterate various design sets, focusing on creating a look-and-feel to fit your brand. We revise and collaborate user-experience with you until we finalize the UI & UX.


We use the best available tool at our disposal to build a fast, scalable solution. We divide the work in weekly sprints, so that you can keep up with whats smoking with your product..


We carefully inspect the site, including extensive mobile and responsive testing and ensure a smooth transition post-launch.

Our Tech Stack

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Description li.st lets you explore engaging lists on everything from passionate opinions to travel recommendations. Share your own experiences, opinions, musings, and knowledge in a positive, vibrant, fun community. With li.st, you can:

  • Discover an ever-widening spectrum of engaging, unique lists. Humor, recommendations, opinions, life musings, and more.
  • Connect with fascinating people expressing their lives through lists.
  • Share your own experiences, thoughts, and opinions through richly formatted lists with text, photos, GIFs, and locations.

SkyMD - Your dermatologist on the go

SkyMD allows you to access your dermatologist anytime, anywhere .SkyMD is a HIPAA compliant platform. All information is protected with advanced security measures.

Mobly - A mobile client for Twitter's Fabric

Mobly is an iOS client for Twitter's Fabric. Monitor your app on the go and get real-time alerts when something is critically affecting your app

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SweatPass gets you into the best studios in Sydney. Take unlimited fitness classes with just one monthly membership. Get access today and transform your workouts.

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Offprint is a publishing platform for intelligent discourse about what affects India on a national and local level. People publish their opinions and analysis. No sensationalism, just fresh articles written by people like you.


A simple color based game to pass your time colorfully.

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Our Team

Our goal is to always provide an exceptional level of service, and we aim for lasting partnerships with our clients and to have fun while doing all this.